Mei Zhan – 2018 Spring Fujian Oolong Tea


Origin: Anxi Town, south Fujian Province
Harvest: 2018 spring tea, tender leaves
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Origin: Anxi Town, south Fujian Province
Harvest: 2018 spring tea, tender leaves

use Porcelain or Zisha teawares to brew 6-7 rounds and above, at 95-100℃, tea:water 1:22

  • dry tea shape is fat, round and sturdy, the color is lustrous brownish green with sandpoints like frog skin, with less obvious frostlike powder, faint smell of fire
  • the soup is light golden yellow, clear and bright
  • the taste is fine and thick, mellow and smooth with a sweet aftertaste
  • the internal aroma is clean and pure, lasting orchid flowery fragrances
  • wet leaves are fat and thick, yellowish green with red edges


Mei Zhan tea variety is original from Anxi Lutian with a more than 100 years’ cultivation history, it is usually produced into green, black and oolong teas, green tea as Baimaohao- White Hair Monkey, black as Bailin Gongfu. Since the flowers of this variety look like winter plum flowers 梅 [méi], Mei Zhan is named.

There are other two kinds of legends about its origin: one is that before and after the Qing Dynasty Guangyuan (1821), there was a tree in Lutian, which was tall and had long leaves, but its name was unknown. One day, the Yaoyang Wang family in Xiping went to pay homage to their ancestors in Lutian. The Lutian people specially asked Wang the tea tree’s name? Wang didn’t know and couldn’t answer temporarily. He occasionally saw the couplet “Mei Zhan baihuakui – winter plum blossoms is the top of flowers” on the door, so he skillfully took “Mei Zhan” as it name. The other is that around the 15 year of Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty (1810), Yang Yitang, a farmer in Sanyo, Anxi, worked in the Baizhangping field. An old man who picked up tea seedlings passed by and begged Yang. Yang entertained him nicely, and the old man gave him three seedlings. Yang planted and nurtured it through heart. It grew and flourished. The finished tea has strong aroma, mellow and sweet taste. As soon as the message spread, everyone scrambled to comment and appreciated it, but they couldn’t name it. In the village, a Juren named it Meizhan according to its flower like winter plum flowers. From this tea, the three villages will gradually become famous all over the world.

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