Wudang II – Taoist Tea Meditation – Wudang Taoist Tea and Meditation Workshop

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Daoist Tea Meditation

A journey to inner peace and recreation. Stillness and clarity are the foundation of Daoist (Taoist) meditation and the Art of Tea. Experience Harmony, Balance and deep Stillness within a cup of tea. You will learn and practice the traditional way of Daoist Tea-Meditation in the authentic environment of the Wudang Tea House. Daoist master Patrick Liu will introduce the history and traditions of the Tea-Meditation and daoist philosophy. The workshop is accompanied by a fine selection of our best self-grown and hand-made teas.

This daoist tea meditation will take 30 minutes, including tasting Wudang mountain teas which are from our own tea farm, smelling pure high-mountain fragrances, dicovering the mystery of Wudang mountain… and sharing the daoist theory and philosophy…

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Matching tea samples box

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Due to the requirements during the recent epidemic, if you need to visit our teahouse in the near future, please contact us in advance to book the date and provide relevant real-time epidemic prevention certificates.

Nei Gong is an exercise that is performed in silence. Nei means “inside” and gong means “work”. So Nei Gong is also called inner work. Whether standing, sitting or lying, we can cultivate our energy with the help of our Spirit. Exercises in standing include, for example, Zhan Zhuang exercises, in sitting you practice mainly with simply crossed legs, in half the lotus set (one leg is placed on the other), the full lotus set (the second leg is placed on the first), etc. Exercises in lying down include sleep meditation, where you can take different lying positions. Read More


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