Blooming Jasmin Immortal – 2022 Anhui Blooming Craft Flower Tea

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Orgin: Haozhou, Anhui province

Harvest: 2022 green tea, jasmine and chrysanthemum


Orgin: Haozhou, Anhui province

Material: 2022 green tea, jasmine and chrysanthemum

use Zisha clay or porcelain teawares to brew 3-4 rounds at 100℃, tea:water 1:40
  • dry tea is ball shape with suitable tightness, lustrous yellowish dark green color, showing white hair
  • reddish orange color tea soup, clear and bright
  • clean and pure, mild and flowery fragrance
  • mellow and brisk, sweet and flowery tastes with sweet aftertaste
  • wet tea is fat and thick, greenish yellow


Craft flower tea, also known as art tea or special craft tea, refers to tea leaves and edible flowers used as raw materials, which are shaped, tied, and other processes to produce different shapes. When brewed, different forms of shaped flower tea can be opened in water. According to the dynamic artistic feeling of the product during brewing, it can be divided into three categories. Jumping type craft flower tea, floating floc type craft flower tea, and blooming type craft flower tea. This tea is a blooming craft flower tea, which slowly blooms the interior flowers during brewing.

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20g, 50g, 100g, 100g (Tin)


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