Mengding Yellow Buds – 2021 Sichuan Ya’an Meng Mountain Ming Qian Yellow Tea

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Origin: Meng Mountain, Ya’an, Sichuan Province Tea Blog

Harvest time: 2021 spring before the Qingming festival (Ming Qian)

Material: Pick and select round fat single bud

Sichuan and Tibetan Tea Workshop


Sichuan and Tibetan Tea Workshop

Origin: Meng Mountain, Ya’an, Sichuan Province

Harvest time: 2021 spring before the Qingming festival (Ming Qian)

Material: Pick and select round fat single bud


use 100℃ water for 1-3 mins and covered tea bowl or glass to brew 3-5 rounds

  • the dry shape of Mengding yellow bud is flat and straight, the bud strips are even, fat and tender, the color is golden yellow, the buds have obvious hair
  • the fragrance is clean and pure
  • the soup color is yellow and bright
  • the taste is sweet and mellow,
  • the whole wet bud is tender, yellow green and bright


Mengding Yellow Bud cultivation began in the Western Han Dynasty and has a history of 2000 years. Mengding tea has been a tribute from the Tang Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is one of the most famous tribute tea in Chinese history. Mengshan has a long history of tea production, which has been recorded in many ancient books for more than 2000 years. After the founding of new China, it was rated as one of the top ten famous teas in China.

Mengshan mountain produces not only Mengding Ganlu, the famous green tea, but also the hometown of Mengding Yellow Bud, one of the best yellow tea, a well-known tea in China. Mengshan’s misty rain, vast clouds, fertile soil and superior environment have created extremely suitable conditions for the growth of Mengding yellow buds. Up to now, it still retains the top yellow bud tea with stuffy yellow technology. Super grade Mengding yellow bud is made from the whole bud head harvested before the QingMing festival, and 40000-50000 bud heads are required for each 500g of dry tea. Mengding yellow bud has fine workmanship. It adopts the traditional process of roasting and stewing. It uses tender buds to kill green, wrapped with straw paper and placed on the edge of the stove to keep warm and turn yellow, so that the tea green can ferment naturally in a humid and hot environment, then make shape, wrap yellow and dry. It tastes fresh and mellow.

Mengshan tea is mainly produced at the top of Mengshan mountain, so it is called Mengding tea. Mengding tea is produced in Mengshan, which is located in Mingshan and Ya’an of Sichuan Province. It is the site of seven tea trees planted by Wu Lizhen, the founder of Ganlu in Han Dynasty. Tea Blog Mengshan tea has been famous since Tang Dynasty. Both Immortal Tea and Tribute Tea are famous tea treasures in China, Mengding Ganlu is the oldest famous tea in China and the pioneer of famous tea. Mengding Ganlu is the representative of China’s top ten famous tea, top quality green tea and curly green tea. Mengding Ganlu originated from Fan Cha in history, it is the earliest curly (rolling) green tea in China. It evolved from the famous Mengshan tea Yuye Changchun (AD 1112) and Wanchun Yinye (AD 1120) in Song Dynasty.

Scholars of all dynasties left many articles praising Mengding tea, from these beautiful words, it is not difficult for us to understand the deep love for Mengding tea of the literati of the past dynasties. Ganlu in Sanskrit means “missing ancestors”, second, tea is like sweet dew. Ganlu tea is tender, exquisite, beautiful in appearance and excellent in quality.

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