About Us

Liu Wen Zhuo
Tea-Master and Artist

She began her studies of traditional chinese Art in early age and grew up with the tutorings of her grandmother, who was a well-know Art teacher in northeast China. She studied traditional chinese medicine in the Cheng Du University of Chinese Traditional Medicine with a major in herbs and herbal medicine, and is a specialist with plants of all kinds, especially tea. She continued her studies abroad and got her master-degree in Hannover/Germany.

Living and working in Europe made her passion for chinese tradition grow even bigger. She began teachining language, culture and art, and had many students. 2014 she co-founded Wu Dao Shu – research association, and began further developments together with her husband, to spread the traditional chinese culture across Germany and Europe.
As Tea-Master, she has profound knowledge of history and processes of tea making and preparation. The traditional Tea-Ceremony, Cha-Dao 茶道 or Gong Fu Cha 功夫茶 is part of the cultivation of inner stillness and dates back hundreds of years. She translates traditional scriptures, writes texts and records video material to educates people in the traditional tea-culture.
As Artist, her passions are the traditional chinese arts; painting, calligraphy, stitching, poetry, music and literature. She also designs and makes traditional clothing and accessoirs from different epochs of chinese history. Her goal is to spread the authentic tradition and culture of China in western countries.

The Art beyond art, is creating something unique…


Our passion is to spread the chinese traditional culture  (including tea, art, music…)  across Germany, Europe and the world. Our major brands are Wudang Daoist Tea and  Liu – Chinese Art. We host regular  activities  like  tea parties with experts, artists and musicians, customers can book our services and show performances for events realted to  the Chinese  culture.