2023 Five Finger Black – Hainan Wuzhi Five Finger Mountain Black Tea

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Origin: Wuzhi Mountain, Hainan Province

Harvest time: 2023 February

Material: tender bud and 1 leaf

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Origin: Wuzhi Mountain, Hainan Province

Harvest time: 2023 February

Material: tender bud and 1 leaf


use Zisha clay or porcelain teawares to brew 5-6 rounds at 90-95℃, tea:water 1:18
  • dry tea strips are tight and sturdy, with slight golden hair, lustrous brownish black color
  • bright amber red tea soup
  • high and sharp, and milky honey flavor fragrances
  • thick, mellow and smooth sweet tastes
  • wet tea is consistent red, fat and thick, bright and soft


Wuzhishan- Five Finger Mountains black tea is produced in the ecological tea producing areas of Wuzhishan and Jianfengling in Hainan, the southernmost part of China. Wuzhishan black tea, a specialty of Wuzhishan City, Hainan Province, is a China national geographical indication of agricultural products. Wuzhishan City is characterized by abundant rainfall and fog, abundant light, heat, and water resources, slightly acidic soil, and deep and fertile soil layers. The natural conditions for developing tea production are unique, achieving the excellent quality of Wuzhishan tea. Black tea typical quality characteristics are “amber soup, milk honey aroma”. Moreover, Wuzhishan black tea is rich in nutrients such as tea polyphenols, theaflavins, various free amino acids, and minerals, making it nutritious. Wuzhishan black tea is highly sought after and loved by the public due to its excellent quality, good taste, and rich nutrition, making it a local specialty in Hainan Province.

Tea tree belongs to the large leaf tea variety. The tea leaf production area of Wuzhishan belongs to a typical low latitude and high altitude tropical marine monsoon climate, with an average altitude of over 600 meters and a maximum altitude of 1260 meters. There is no severe cold in winter and no scorching heat in summer, and there is fog cover in winter and spring, and clouds surround in summer and autumn. The annual cloud and mist weather exceeds 200 days, and the rainfall is also abundant, which can be said to be “nourishing famous tea with clouds and mist”. Hainan Wuzhishan black tea is also the only low latitude and high altitude tropical black tea in China. The tea plantation here has an excellent ecological environment, with high temperatures and rainfall. The physical and chemical weathering of the soil is strong, coupled with the strong biological cycle in the producing area and the abundant residue returned to the soil, forming the favorite light gravel thick layer of brick red soil for tea trees, which is rich in aluminum and iron, loose and fertile. Tea trees grow for a long time, have high yield, and good quality.

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