2023 Meteorite Crater Green – Hainan Baisha Meteorite Crater Green Tea

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Origin: Baisha Meteorite Crater, Hainan Province

Harvest time: 2023 February

Material: tender bud and 2-3 leaves

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Origin: Baisha Meteorite Crater, Hainan Province

Harvest time: 2023 February

Material: tender bud and 2-3 leaves


use 80℃ water and covered tea bowl or glass to brew 7 rounds, tea:water 1:80

  • dry tea strip is tight and even, showing lustrous green color
  • tea soup is yellowish green, clear and bright
  • the aroma is fresh and mellow, clear and long-lasting fragrance
  • the taste is mellow and strong
  • the wet leaves are tender green with jade green, soft


Baisha Green Tea, a specialty of the China state-owned Baisha Farm in Baisha Li Autonomous County, Hainan Province. Baisha Green Tea is a national geographical indication product of China, produced within the territory of Baisha Meteorite Crater. The unique soil conditions of Baisha Crater, as well as the excellent ecological environment within the crater, are abundant in rainfall, shrouded in mist all year round. In addition, there is no heavy industry in the vicinity, and it is far from the city, without pollution. It is the best region for the growth of high mountain cloud and mist tea, creating superior natural conditions for the growth of tea trees and creating high-quality Baisha Green Tea. According to scientific measurements, the soil inside the crater contains over 50 types of minerals, which are rich in nutrients and contribute to the non replicability and rarity of white sand green tea.

Baisha tea has a long history. The investigation team found that the Li ethnic group has been picking wild large leaf tea from the Five Finger Mountains for disease treatment since ancient times. If we calculate from then on, the tea industry in Hainan has a history of nearly a thousand years. According to research, Hainan wild large leaf tea gradually evolved from the origin center of tea, Sichuan Jinfoshan wild large leaf tea, mainly distributed in the Wuzhi Mountain area. In the sixth year of the Zhengde reign of the Ming Dynasty (1511), there were records of early tea events in Hainan in the Qiongtai Annals. The ancestors in Baisha had a long tradition of planting tea, and drinking tea became one of the daily lifestyles of the Li people. There is a folk legend about the history and causes of Baisha green tea.

Long ago, the ancestors of the Li ethnic group went hunting in the mountains and worked very hard. They drank up all the water they carried, had a dry mouth and a very tired tongue, so they sat by a cluster of verdant trees to rest. At this moment, an old hunter casually picked a few tender leaves and chewed them in his mouth. It wasn’t long before he stopped feeling thirsty and his spirits improved. So everyone picked the tender leaves on this tree and chewed them, resting for a moment to eliminate fatigue. Afterwards, the local Li ethnic group learned to chew this kind of leaf that produces saliva and quenches thirst. Later, a young man picked it back and processed it through baking, kneading, drying, and storing it for daily use. Local people have found that simply processed leaves soaked in hot water are not only refreshing and refreshing to drink, but also have the effects of eliminating bloating, clearing the liver and lungs, clearing heat and reducing fire. From then on, the local Li compatriots treated this tree as a “divine tree” for protection and transplanted it around the mountain stronghold for daily picking. Baisha Tea Farm was founded in the 1950s, and in 1958, Baisha Farm began to cultivate and process tea. At first, the tea tree varieties in Baisha Tea Farm were mainly local varieties in Hainan, and later some excellent varieties were introduced from Yunnan, Fujian, and other places.

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