Mandarin Fu Brick – 2019 Strong-fermented Wudang Daoist Herbal Tea Brick

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Origin: Wudang area, Hubei Province
Harvest: 2019 early summer tea leaves (1shoot and 3-4 leaves) between 立夏 Beginning of Summer (7th solar term) and the 小暑 Slight Heat (11th solar term)
Produce: press finished in 2021, tangerine peel, strong fermented


Origin: Wudang area, Hubei Province
Harvest: 2019 early summer tea leaves (1shoot and 3-4 leaves) between 立夏 Beginning of Summer (7th solar term) and the 小暑 Slight Heat (11th solar term)
Produce: press finished in 2021, tangerine peel, strong fermented, in tea bags
use Zisha clay or porcelain teawares to brew 10 rounds at 100℃, tea:water 1:40
  • dry tea is brick shape with suitable tightness, lustrous yellowish dark brown color
  • brownish red color tea soup, clear and bright
  • clean and pure, rich “golden flower” delicate fragrances and mandarin fruity fragrances
  • mellow and sweet, thick and smooth, pure and mild tastes with sweet aftertaste, “aged rhyme” and luscious fruity tastes
  • wet tea is black brown


Mandarin peel brick Tea is made of mandarin peels and Fu brick tea, through special producing processes. It combines the fruit flavor of Mandarin and the taste of tea, which makes citrus peel (i.e. tangerine peel) and tea absorb each other’s essence, forming a unique flavor and a unique taste. Its health care function has the effect of tangerine peel and tea. Regulating qi, invigorating spleen and stomach, eliminating dampness and phlegm, eliminating accumulation and resolving stagnation. The combination can be regarded as a unique combination in terms of both expression and connotation. Its health care effect naturally has both advantages: it has the functions of strengthening spleen and stomach, clearing away heat and toxin, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, reducing fat and weight, nourishing beauty, anti arteriosclerosis, anti-aging and sobering up.

The materials of tangerine peel and Fu brick tea are perfectly combined. They are naturally made. The older they are, the more fragrant they are. Tangerine peel and Pu’er are both excellent health care products. Both of them are famous for their fragrance, efficacy and value as they age. Tangerine Pu tea is natural in appearance and connotation, which can be called a unique. On its soup surface is usually covered by oil droplets, its fruity and aging aroma is rich, and its flavor is smooth and mellow with a sweet aftertaste.

Fu brick tea is one of the most distinctive dark teas. Golden flower is not unique to Fu brick tea. At least, Eurotium Cristatum has been found in other old teas. Traditional Fu brick tea is a typical fully fermented tea, which is also classified as post fermented tea. Fu brick tea came out in about 1368 A.D. (the first year of Hongwu, that is, the establishment of Zhu Yuanzhang’s “Ming Taizu” and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty). It uses tea from southern Shaanxi and Sichuan as raw materials and is built manually. Because the raw materials are sent to Xianyang Jingyang for building, it is called “Jingyang brick”; Because it is processed in Fu days, it is called “Fu tea”. Because its efficacy is similar to that of tuckahoe, it is called “Fu tea” or “Fu brick” by “Fu tea”.

Drinking Fu tea for a long time can promote the regulation of metabolism, enhance human body constitution, delay aging, and play an effective role in pharmacological health care and pathological prevention, significantly reduce human fatty compounds, blood lipids, blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol. The special effect of Fu tea has been widely recognized by experts in tea science, medicine, microbiology and other fields.

Dark tea has many varieties, Fu Zhuan 茯砖 (Fu Brick) tea is a special one, the mystery tea of ancient Chinese Silk Road, are made into brick-like forms which are smooth, clean-cut and the same thickness and firmness. Denser and larger granules with the bright golden Color are considered to be better, tea soup color should be bright orange with pure fragrance and mellow flavour, rich golden flower Aroma.

Wudang Fu brick process includes 28 steps: 6 fermenations, 1th change leaves color (pile-fermentation), 2th need at least 12 months (cold fermenation), 3th sterilize and disinfect by a high temperature steam, 4th steam pile-fermentation after blending, 5th put in constant-temperature chambers to produce “golen flower” (Eurotium Cristatum). Fahua 发花 [fā huā] the unique procedure is the natural fermentation under the effects of the activities of the microbes, produces many golden yellow granules (Eurotium Cristatum). 6th is post-fermentation.

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