Tea Custom – Chinese New Year Seminar


The seminar will take 40 minutes, the theme is “What are the interesting New Year tea customs around China?” / Tea Culture/

This seminar will help you understand the following knowledge

  • The interesting tea customs during the Spring Festival in various parts of China,
  • the unique tea customs in various tea regions,
  • how to create a festive atmosphere with tea,
  • and the beautiful symbolism.
  • And tea people and tea language golden phrases related to tea and the New Year


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Seminar/ Chinese New Year Tea Customs

The Chinese Lunar New Year (Spring Festival) has many the interesting tea customs in China, in the south of the Yangtze River, people will entertain guests with Gold Ingots Tea during the Spring Festival, implying the blessing of wealth. The new year tea custom in Zhejiang Province is from the first day to the third day of the first month, and a bowl of Four Ingredients Soup is offered to the guests. Hunan Province serves brown sugar tea first, and then salty tea Six Ingredients Tea, cup after cup until the guests are full. Fujian Province has a tradition of drinking tea in the New Year as a blessing activity during the Spring Festival. Drink a bowl of Sugar Tea, people can have peace, happiness and good luck.


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