Gong Mei – 2015 Fujian Fuding Mountain White Tea

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Origin: Panxi, Fuding , Fujian Province
Harvest: 2017 spring tender tea leaves

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Origin: Panxi, Fuding , Fujian Province
Harvest: 2015 spring tender tea leaves (1 bud 2-3 leaves) 2017 pressed into cakes
use covered tea bowl or glass, Zisha teapot to brew 8 rounds and above, 100  ℃
  • dry tea shows big buds, the color is gray green to yellow brown,
  • the aroma is fresh and pure
  • the soup is yellow and bright
  • the taste is clear and sweet,
  • the wet leaves are yellow and green, and the leaf veins are red

Fu Ding white tea 福鼎白茶 [fú dǐng] is original from Mont. Tai Lao in Fujian province, jade white 1 shoot and 1 leaf are harvested in springs and then should be withered naturally or in temperature controlled ovens, dried, and then put into freezers for 3 hours at 1-5℃. This tea variety, Dabai tea tree is also known to produce Bai Mu Dan – White Peony 白牡丹 [bái mǔ dan] tea, which is famous of its dry tea appearance, a green leaf is   wrapped a white hair covered shoot like a white peony bud. Fat shoots from this variety are produced Bai Hao Yin Zhen tea – White Hair Silver Needle 白毫银针 [bái háo yín zhēn], 寿眉 (贡眉) [shòu méi (gòng méi)] is from another variety Cai Cha in Fujian province.

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