Gong Mei – 2015 Fujian Fuding Mountain White Tea

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Origin: Panxi, Fuding , Fujian Province
Harvest: 2017 spring tender tea leaves

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Origin: Panxi, Fuding , Fujian Province
Harvest: 2015 spring tender tea leaves (1 bud 2-3 leaves) 2017 pressed into cakes
use covered tea bowl or glass, Zisha teapot to brew 8 rounds and above, 100  ℃
  • dry tea shows big buds, the color is gray green to yellow brown,
  • the aroma is fresh and pure
  • the soup is yellow and bright
  • the taste is clear and sweet,
  • the wet leaves are yellow and green, and the leaf veins are red


According to Tang Dynasty Luyu’s <Tea Classic>, “There is a white tea mountain three hundred miles east of Yongjia County.” Experts believe that it is Mount Taimu in Fuding. Tian Yiheng of the Ming Dynasty believed in <Boiling Spring Water> that: “The tea made fire as the second, the sun dried tea as the first, and it is also closer to nature….” The sun-dried tea falls into the middle of tea bowl, so the standard for picking fresh leaves and the tea making process are considered to be the embryonic form of white tea production. Fuding white tea is named because the finished product is fat and heavy, is covered with white hair, and is like silver like snow. It is not roasted and not rubbed during production, and it is dry with gentle fire, with moderate natural oxidation, while retaining rich active enzymes and polyphenols. Its initial production principle and process regulations mainly includes two processes: withering and drying.

Fu Ding white tea 福鼎白茶 [fú dǐng] is original from Mont. Tai Lao in Fujian province, jade white 1 shoot and 1 leaf are harvested in springs and then should be withered naturally or in temperature controlled ovens, dried, and then put into freezers for 3 hours at 1-5℃. This tea variety, Dabai tea tree is also known to produce Bai Mu Dan – White Peony 白牡丹 [bái mǔ dan] tea, which is famous of its dry tea appearance, a green leaf is   wrapped a white hair covered shoot like a white peony bud. Fat shoots from this variety are produced Bai Hao Yin Zhen tea – White Hair Silver Needle 白毫银针 [bái háo yín zhēn], 寿眉 (贡眉) [shòu méi (gòng méi)] is from another variety Cai Cha in Fujian province.

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