Immortal Red-crowned Crane – Handpainted Male Shirt


Color: Beige
Material: Linen/Hemp fabrics
Artist: Wenzhuo Liu


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: Beige
Material: Linen/Hemp fabrics
Artist: Wenzhuo Liu


Immortal Red-crowned Crane 仙鹤

In ancient times, the immortal crane was “below one bird and above ten thousand birds”, which was second only to the Phoenix. The pattern woven by the official clothes of officials in the Ming and Qing Dynasties was immortal crane. At the same time, the immortal crane is the leader of the feather nationality because of its sage-like character and its outstanding behavior like that of immortals, known as Immortal’s demeanor and Taoist priest’s spirit 仙风道骨. It has been known as “first grade bird” since ancient times, which means the first on top. First grade is the name of the highest official rank in ancient times. All civil and military officials below the emperor are divided into nine grades, and first grade is the highest. Crane is also the most noble bird among birds, representing longevity and wealth.

All Paintings are unique.

The material is washable and 100% natural

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170cm, 180cm, 190cm


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