2023 Lapsang Souchong- Wild – Fujian Wuyi Black Tea

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Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province
Harvest: 2023 spring tea, tender sprout and 1 leaf

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Origin: Wuyi Mountain, north Fujian Province
Harvest: 2023 spring tea, tender sprout and 1 leaf
use purple-clay or porcelain teawares to brew 5-6 rounds at 90-95℃, tea:water 1:18
  • dry tea strips are thick and sturdy, with slight golden hair, lustrous pitch-black color
  • syrupy and dark golden red tea soup
  • heavy and smooth, dried longan fruity and high flowery aroma, slight pine smoky fragrances
  • thick and mellow, and longan fruity soup sweet tastes
  • wet tea is bronze red, thick and smooth

This special type of black tea from Fujian province is very distinctive with its exotic smoky flavor. After plucking, tea leaves are withered over cypress or pine wood fires. After rolling, they are placed into wooden barrels until they begin to emit their own pleasant aroma. As a final step they are placed in bamboo baskets and hung on racks over smoky pine fires where they dry and absorb a smoke essence.

Finished tea leaves are thick and black, when steeped in hot water, producing a bright reddish-orange tealiquid. In recent years, Lapsang-Souchong has begun to grow in popularity and become the favorite tea of many who also appreciate single-malt Scotch whisky and fine cigars. It was once known as a man’s tea, but more and more women are drinking it as well.

Lapsang-Souchong tastes particularly good with salty and spicy dishes and also with cheese. Many tea lovers report that they enjoy drinking it outdoors, especially after any intense activity. You may also wish to try adding a pinch of Lapsang-Souchong to a cup of English Breakfast blend to add a whole new layer of flavor notes to savor.

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