Raw Bamboo – Wet Pour Tea-tray


Size: 28cm-35cm
Original: Zhejiang, Huzhou
Material: Bamboo

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Size: 28cm-35cm
Original: Zhejiang, Huzhou
Material: Bamboo


Bamboo tea sets shall not be exposed to the sun or baked, and shall not be soaked in water for a long time. Regular use of olive oil (or vegetable oil) for cleaning and maintenance, often play, can make bamboo tea set as soon as possible out of pulp, can effectively avoid cracking and mildew. It can also make bamboo ware shine naturally. If there are mildew spots on bamboo tea sets, use a brush to clean the mildew spots, wash and dry them, and then use olive oil for maintenance.

Manufacture Art:

Bamboo can be more than 20 meters high and more than 10 centimeters thick, used with a wider range of technology. Take a piece of bamboo in hands, chop the bamboo strips, and then cut and rough polish them to make a bamboo prototype. Although this bamboo making technique seems simple, it takes a lot of effort and skilled skills to master smoothly. For example, how to chop bamboo strips without leaving any rough skin or damaging the inner bamboo is a big learning. Another example is cutting, the lines should be straight to show bamboo gas; another example is polishing, which should be fine and smooth without barbs. They are all complicated and delicate crafts, and they pay attention to meticulous art.

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