2021 Eight Immortals – Ba Xian Cha – First Harvest Harvest Fujian Oolong Tea

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Origin: Zhao’an Town, Fujian Province
Harvest: 2016 spring tea, tender leaves
Fermantation: light

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Origin: Zhao’an Town, Fujian Province
Harvest: 2021 spring tea, tender leaves from the first harvest

-use purple-clay teapot to brew 10 rounds and above, 100‘C water
-a mellow but rich sweet taste
-a enduring and extreme high fragrance and a long aftertaste


Baxiancha is a new oolong tea variety bred by Zheng Zhaoqin in 1968 with the help and guidance of experts. In 1994, Baxiancha was approved as a China national tea variety by the national tea variety Approval Committee, and became the first national oolong tea variety since the founding of the people’s Republic of China. Baxian tea is characterized by high fragrance and long lasting aftertaste. Boiling water down only 10 seconds, a strong aroma, to the mouth, there is a hint of bitterness in the tea fragrance, fine aftertaste, but there is a sweet, preserved on the tip of the tongue for a long time. After two or three teapots of boiling water, the tea color is still strong and the taste is still mellow. In the middle and late 1980s, there was an upsurge of planting Baxian tea in Zhao’an county. At the peak, the planting area reached more than 20000 mu, which were once exported to Japan.

Eight Immortals 八仙 [bā xiān] tea is from the Zhao’an Town of Fujian Province, a varity of small tea trees was transplanted bred in 1968, leaves are used to make green, oolong and black tea, because of its extreme high fragrance and a long after taste, Eight Immortals oolong tea has been considered to be the best. According to different fermented degrees, there are many kinds of Eight Immortals oolong. Normally, leaves are harvested in springs, but its   winter oolong tea with a special sweetness has a low yield and a relative higher price.


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