Anji Huangjin Ya – Golden Bud – 2021 High Mountain Ming Qian Zhejiang Green Tea

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Origin: Huzhou, Zhejiang province

Harvest time: 2021 spring before the Qingming Festival (Ming Qian)

Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui Tea Workshop

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Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui Tea Workshop

Origin: Huzhou, Zhejiang province

Harvest time: 2021 spring before the Qingming Festival (Ming Qian)

use 80’C water and covered tea bowl or glass to brew 3 rounds, Tea:Water 1:50

  • -dry tea is light green tender golden yellow, the shape is tight and thin
  • -taste is fresh and brisk and the aftertaste is sweet
  • -soup is apricot yellow, clear and bright
  • -wet tea is golden yellow with tender white and lustrous, soft and thick


Golden bud tea was discovered by Zhang Wanlin, director of Deshijia tea farm in Sanqi City, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province in the 1990s. After more than ten years of breeding, with the support of Yuyao related departments and Zhejiang University, they have systematically completed the research on breeding characteristics, application fields and key technologies of industrialization. It has been bred by Tea Research Institute of Zhejiang University, Deshijia tea farm of Yuyao City and linte general station of Yuyao City for nearly ten years. Now it has been introduced into the rare and famous tea germplasm resource garden of Tea Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It is the only new variety with yellow variation in China. The amino acid content of golden bud is as high as 9%, while that of white tea is 5- 7%, and that of common tea is 3- 4%. The character of golden bud was stable, and the leaf was golden yellow, while the leaf turned from white to green when the temperature reached 25 ℃.

Yang Yajun, director of the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that generally speaking, because of the strong sunlight in summer, tea contains more tea polyphenols and less amino acids, so it is difficult to sell tea at a good price. Tea farmers usually finish picking spring tea. Golden bud tea can be harvested in three seasons a year, and its quality is not inferior to other spring teas even in summer and autumn. It can be developed as a high-grade rare tea.

The biggest characteristics of golden leaf are “three yellow”: dry tea is bright yellow, soup is bright yellow, and wet leaf is pure yellow. Golden bud tea is rich in nutrients, including volatile oil, alkaloids, flavonoids and other effective ingredients, trace elements such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, selenium and vitamins VB1, VB2, VC, etc. the content of various amino acids is as high as 9%, which is 3-4 times of ordinary tea, and golden bud tea contains tea polyphenols as high as 20%. Tender fragrance is one of the characteristics tea, whether it is dry tea or brewed tea soup, the thicker the tender fragrance is, the longer it lasts and the higher the quality is. After three minutes, the yellow leaves stretch out and return to jade yellow. The tea buds bloom, the wet leaves are jade yellow, and the veins are yellow. It looks like pieces of jade dancing, and each golden branch is independent.

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