2023 Phoenix Single Bush Duck Shit- Spring Guangdong Chaozhou Oolong Tea

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Origin: Fenghuang High Mountain in east Guangdong Province, Chaozhou
Harvest: 2018 spring tea, Laocong-old bushes

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Origin: High areas of the Fenghuang Mountain in east Guangdong Province, Chaozhou
Harvest: 2023 spring tea

use Porcelain or Zisha teawares to brew 9-10 rounds and above, at 100℃, tea:water 1:22

  • dry tea shape is fat, tight and sturdy, the color is lustrous brown like mud eel skin
  • the soup is orange yellow, clear and bright
  • the taste is thick and mellow, fresh and brisk, with strong and lasting sweet aftertaste
  • the internal aroma is heavy and lasting, natural flowery fragrances with honey candy notes
  • wet leaves are fat and thick, soft, “green belly and red edge”
The name “Duck Shit Fragrance” is ancestral and was originally introduced from Wudong Mountain. It is planted in the “Duck Feet Soil”, a tea garden rich in yellow loam soil. The tea leaves look like duck feet. After drinking this tea, people express their intoxicating aroma. The tea tree owner is afraid that the tea will be stolen and deliberately refers to it as “Duck Shit”, which is the origin of the name “Duck Shit Fragrance”.
As one of the top ten Honey Scented bush of Fenghuang Dancong, it is an outstanding individual in Fenghuang Shuixian group. Due to the strong honey flavor of the finished tea and the fragrance of orchid, it is named “Fenghuang honey orchid fragrant Dancong”. Its mother tree has a history of more than 200 years, it belongs to oolong tea series and produced in Fenghuang Town, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province. It is one of the national teas selected by the Ministry of Commerce of China.

As the most expensive breed among Phoenix Daffodil teas, Phoenix Single Bush is popular domestically as well as overseas. The unique elegant, flowery fragrance and charm depend on the breed itself and its special processing techniques. Phoenix Single Bush grows in Mountain Fenghuang (Phoenix) in east Guangdong Province, where many breeds with different fragrance types exist. Picked and processed bush by bush according to different fragrances, the bright green Phoenix Single Bush has pretty leaves, good color, sweet taste, special fragrance and lasting flavor. Phoenix Single Bush has a combined fragrance of flowers and fruits, with a mild but rich taste. Grayish-brown leaves are thick and straight, producing bright orange tea liquid. Brewed leaves are “green with a red edge”, its fragrance lasts for as many as seven infusions.

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