Golden Osmanthus – Huang Jin Gui – 2021 Spring Fujian Oolong Tea

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Origin: Anxi Town, south Fujian Province
Harvest: 2021 spring tea, tender leaves

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Origin: Anxi Town, south Fujian Province
Harvest: 2021 spring tea, tender leaves

use Porcelain or Zisha teawares to brew 9 rounds and above, at 95-100℃, tea:water 1:22

  • dry tea shape is fine and tight, hemispheric, the color is lustrous yellowish green
  • the soup is golden yellow, clear and bright
  • the taste is sweet and brisk, mellow and fresh with a sweet aftertaste
  • the internal aroma is clean and high, sweet, osmanthus flowery fragrances
  • wet leaves are soft and bright, yellowish green with bright red edges
Huangdan tea, the product name of tea is Huangjingui. It was originally produced in Luoyan, Anxi during the Xianfeng Period of the Qing Dynasty (1850-1860). Huangdan is another best oolong tea which is different from Tieguanyin in style. The processing technology is very exquisite. Only by mastering properly, can give full play to its variety characteristics. In 1984, Huang Dan was recognized as “national improved variety” in the national evaluation meeting of improved varieties of tea. In 1985, Golden Osmanthus was named “China famous tea” by the Ministry of agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery and China tea society.
Due to the characteristics of tea variety and production, the unique quality of Huangdan is formed. The “noble spirit” of Huangjingui tea, which is made from Huangdan, is mainly displayed in the “one early and two wonders”. Huangdan is usually picked in the middle of April, more than 10 days earlier than other varieties and nearly 20 days earlier than Tieguanyin. It is famous for “knowing Huangdan when you smell the fragrance”. In ancient times, it has the reputation of “first smell through the fragrance before you taste 未尝天真味,先闻透天香”. Sipping it gently, the taste is mellow, sweet and fresh. It has won the market because of its unique quality and early harvesting.
Huang Jin Gui derives its name from its golden 黄金 [huáng jīn] tea liquid and its osmanthus 桂 [guì] taste. Different from Ti Kuan Yin, Huang Jing Gui is made from tender leaves of Huangdan tea trees, so crude tea leaves are called Huangdan in production areas. Huang Jin Gui is one of the best Anxi teas, which grows in Luoyan area of Anxi County. Its tea soup is mellow, with a fresh osmanthus fragrance, leaves are bright yellow, soft and thin with a yellowish-green center and red edge.

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