Taiping Houkui – 2021 Huang Mountain Yu Qian Anhui Green Tea

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Origin: Taiping County, Huang Mountain, Anhui Province

Harvest time: 2021 spring before the Guyu Grain Rain Festival (Yu Qian)

Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui Tea Workshop

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Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui Tea Workshop

Origin: Taiping County, Huang Mountain, Anhui Province

Harvest time: 2021 spring before the Guyu Grain Rain Festival (Yu Qian)

Material: tender bud and 1 leaf


-choose a straight glass on the brewing tea set, so that can enjoy the process of tea stretching in the water during the brewing process. The choice of cup can be covered bowl, small and large Zisha teapo etc.

-take out three to five grams of tea from the packaging bag and put it into the cup. The stem of the tea can be placed downward.

-pour boiling water at about 90 ℃. Don’t fill it up too much at the first time. It’s almost half done. Wait for the tea to unfold.

-When the tea leaves stretch, add the second boiling water, wait for a few minutes, and then drink when the temperature of the tea soup is almost not hot. When drinking, don’t drink all of them at one time, leaving about one third to facilitate the later brewing.

-Taiping Houkui tea is more durable than other famous teas. The fragrance after three or four round is still there. Generally, it has the fragrance of orchid. When brewing tea, it is not bitter or astringent even if put too much. People who don’t drink refined tea often feel light and tasteless.

  • dry tea strip is flat and broad, sharp and even, jade green with dark green color, lustrous and show white hair
  • tea soup is yellowish green, clear and brilliant
  • the aroma is clean and pure
  • the taste is fresh and mellow, slight plain
  • the wet tea is jade green whole flush, fresh and lustrous, even


In 1859, the ancestor of Houkui, Zheng Shouqing, opened a tea garden on the Bank of the machuan River, where the mountains are high, the soil is rich, the clouds are steaming and the fog is blue. Zheng Benkui and the local tea farmers produced a flat, straight, fresh and mellow “Jiancha- Bud Tea” with orchid fragrance, which was named “Taiping Jiancha”. It is generally believed that “Taiping Jiancha” is the predecessor of Taiping Houkui. Since Mr. Zheng Shouqing personally inherited the Six-hundred Mile Houkui, it has always represented the highest level of Taiping Houkui.

In the middle and late Qing Dynasty, Taiping people opened hundreds of tea houses, tea shops and tea shops in Nanjing, Yangzhou and Wuhan. Taiping tea was very popular along the Yangtze River, and Taiping tea and tea merchants flourished for a time. At that time, Jiangnanchun tea purchasing station in his hometown Xinming tea district, in order to increase tea varieties, improve product grade and earn higher commercial profits, specially asked people to pick out the buds and leaves with the same size of branches, package them separately, and transport them to Nanjing for high price sales, which was deeply loved by tea lovers and achieved success. Wang Kui Cheng, a tea farmer who lives in Hougang, is known as Wang Lao er. He has rich experience in tea production. He is especially good at tea processing and has a quick mind. He was inspired to think that rather than selecting after tea is finished, it is better to start picking fresh leaves carefully. So he carefully selected one strong bud and two leaves in a mountain tea garden, 750 meters above sea level. After careful production, the dried tea has good specifications and high quality, which is called “Wang Lao Er Kui Jian”. Because the quality of this tea is located in the first place of Jiancha, and its founder is also called kuicheng. It is produced in Houkeng and Hougang of Taiping County, so this tea is called “Taiping Houkui”.

Taiping Houkui is a kind of green tea. Compared with other tea products, Taiping Houkui tea has a sweet aftertaste. Even if the amount of tea is too much, it will not be bitter and astringent, while other teas will be bitter and astringent if they are too much, and the brewing of Taiping Houkui is relatively simple. Taiping Houkui has a unique color, fragrance, taste and shape, one bud is surrounded by two leaves. It is flat and straight, naturally stretched, and its white hair is hidden. It has the good name of “Houkui has two sharp ends, does not scatter, does not curl, does not curl”. The leaves are pale green and smooth, and the veins are green and red, commonly known as “red silk thread”. Orchid high fragrance, mellow taste and a sweet aftertaste, soup color clear green, wet leaf is light green and bright, and the buds and leaves are plump.

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