2024 Yinghong No.9 – Spring Guangdong Black Tea

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Origin: Yingde, Guangdong Province
Harvest: 2024 spring tea, tender leaves

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Origin: Yingde, Guangdong Province
Harvest: 2024 spring tea, tender leaves
use 3-5 gram Zisha clay, glass or porcelain teawares to brew 5-6 rounds at 90-95℃, tea:water 1:18
  • dry tea strips are thick and sturdy, tight and heavy, slightly golden hair, lustrous pitch-balck color
  • red tea soup, clear and bright
  • sweet and pure fragrances
  • mellow and thick, slightly sweet tastes and aftertaste
  • wet tea is dark consistent red, fat and thick
Yinghong No.9 is not only the name of the tea tree variety, but also the name of the black tea product and the public brand name of the tea region. Yinghong No. 9 has the characteristics of high-quality and high-yield varieties, as well as the quality characteristics of strong taste and freshness. It is one of the few industry models in China that has developed from a tea tree variety name to a public brand name for black tea. Tea tree varieties have excellent quality and high yield. Early germination, long growth period, medium germination density, belonging to the heavy bud and tree type large leaf species, suitable for making black tea, and can be planted in subtropical and tropical black tea areas.
The construction process of the Yinghong No.9 brand is the continuation and inheritance of the public brand of Yingde black tea. Yingde is an ancient tea region with a long history of tea production. According to historical records, the cultivation of tea can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty over 1200 years ago. Yingde black tea has been well-known internationally since the 1960s, and even the Queen of England has used it to entertain guests. Yingde black tea has been hailed as the “rising star of Chinese black tea and the flower of Chinese black tea”, and has since gained worldwide reputation.
The people of Yingde Tea Township treat “guests come to offer tea” as a noble etiquette, and “guests come to offer tea” regardless of familiarity, treating guests with courtesy and giving them a sense of homecoming.
In Yingde, people have the habit of drinking tea in the morning, evening, after meals, at work, during negotiations, and during official business processes, making tea an essential part of daily life. Yingde black tea can not only be used as a hospitality item, but also as a gift of reciprocity among friends.
Golden Yinghong: The appearance is plump and tight, with many sharp seedlings. It is golden and oily, with golden hair all over it. It has a tender and sweet aroma, and the soup color is bright and red. The taste is fresh and rich, and the leaf base fertilizer is tender, red, and even bright; Yinghong No.9: The strip is plump and tightly knotted, with a dark and delicate color, a sweet and fragrant aroma, and a long and rich soup color. The taste is fresh and mellow, and the leaf base is red, soft, even, and bright.

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